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Research suggests that less than 15% of people even strive to maximize their potential. This workshop is ideal for individuals or for organizations who want their employees at all levels to aspire to excel in both their personal and professional lives. This workshop is not industry or profession specific, as the ideas, insights and inspirations for developing the right mindsets for excellence; and the tips, tools and techniques for developing the right skill sets for excellence, are found to universally be the same across industries, cultures and geographies.


From an organizational perspective, progressive organizations worldwide have realized that excellence needs to be cultivated and nurtured in every employee as an attribute, and in every process as a culture.


From an individual's perspective, the twin goals from time immemorial have been success and happiness. Research suggests that the surest route to achieving a balance in both these goals is the path of personal and professional excellence. ‘Meta Mind Execution Excellence’ is an intensive, interactive and practical program based on and up to date research in behavioral sciences, western management thought and eastern wisdom focused on learning the mindsets and skill sets for Execution Excellence.


It provides powerful and easy-to-use Meta Mind Techniques for enhancing productivity through execution excellence. It also goes beyond techniques to focus on the principles of Excellence for achieving long-term Success with Happiness. This course is designed to help you gain an edge in the global marketplace by focusing on execution excellence as the way to enhance productivity.

Topics Covered

  • Meta Mind Execution Excellence : The Concept   


  • Meta Mind attitudes, beliefs, skills and qualities for Excellence


  • Barriers in Excellence


  • Potential Optimization for Excellence


  • Aspects of Excellence


  • Meta Mind power techniques for Execution Excellence

You will learn

  • Redefining Excellence


  • How to achieve and maintain optimum levels of excellence


  • To achieve a better balance between personal and professional life


  • How to  use key Meta Mind Tools & Techniques to enhance Execution Excellence


  • How to optimise your potential for Peak Performance


  • How to be more positive in your attitude towards yourself, others and situations


  • How to integrate your values, feelings, thoughts and actions


  • To develop higher energy levels for Execution Excellence


  • To develop an attitude of winning, focus and discipline

Other details

This is a self-paced program that includes 4 hours of video recording of LIVE sessions conducted by Avinash Ananda. The recordings will be made available on Instagram, on the official private account @execution_excellence2020. Please note: you will need an Instagram account to access the videos. After the registration is completed, your follow request will be accepted.

FOR PAYMENT & SIGN-up Instructions



This program also includes international quality course material. The day-wise assignments and course notes will be provided to you via email.


A Meta Mind Peer Coach will be assigned to you if needed, who will be happy to guide you through the program, clarify the concepts, and help you with customized feedback on your assignments.

The online international certificate of participation will be awarded to you after the completion of the course and submission of all assignments.


₹10,000   ₹5,000   or   €130   €65



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