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About Avinash Ananda

"Lead yourself to your next level of success with happiness."

Avinash Ananda is an internationally renowned leadership advisor, happiness strategist, motivational keynote speaker, master behavioral trainer, business coach, management consultant, conflict resolution expert, crises counselor, author, executive mentor, alignment alchemist and culture catalyst.


Hailed by the media and professionals as 'Leadership and Happiness Guru', Avinash has been honored at the House of Lords, U.K. Parliament, as "THE WORLD'S #1 LEADERSHIP & HAPPINESS COACH" and is also a recipient of the “WORLD’S LEADING BEHAVIORAL EXPERT & MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER” award by White Page International. 

He is also acknowledged as one of the “51 MOST FABULOUS GLOBAL HAPPINESS LEADERS” by the World HRD Congress and ranked as one of the “100 INSPIRATIONAL LEADERS OF INDIA".


Avinash has coached corporate executives at all levels of management from over 300 companies including global brands such as Microsoft, Google, Marriott, LG, Cognizant, Reliance, Tata, Capgemini, Byju's and Amazon. He has personally mentored over 1000 leaders and trainers and has also trained over 1 million people from all walks of life, though ‘live’ face-to-face interactive workshops, across 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA for over 30 years on all aspects of leadership and happiness.


His clients include students, educationists, theater, sports & film personalities, C.E.O.s, security forces including the police, high court judges, government bodies / organizations, and major corporations worldwide. He has trained individuals from several organizations that span over 15 industries including I.T., I.T.E.S., Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Hospitals, Government, Banking, Education, Film, T.V., Advertising, Security, Edu-tech, Fin-tech, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Aviation, Tourism, Construction, FMCG and Retail.

Avinash Ananda is the Founder Director of Global Academy of Meta Mind Alignment (GAMMA), a behavioral training organization that is dedicated to the research and teaching of the relationship between happiness, leadership, human potential optimization and productivity. He is the co-creator of Meta Mind Alignment, also called the new science of leadership and happiness, which provides a proven framework and system of human potential optimization for creating lasting positive behavioral change in individuals and groups.


Avinash is the Chairman of The International Institute of Personality Development (IIPD) focused on training the youth to develop the knowledge, mind sets and skill-sets to achieve success in life.  As Dean of Management Institute of Behavioral Sciences (MIBS), Avinash heads a team of senior faculty which conducts Signature Experiential Certification Courses and Customized Training Packages on all aspects of behavioral training/coaching for organizations.

He has a team of 40 motivational and behavioral trainers and coaches who are specialists in one or more of 14 core Meta Mind Leadership and Happiness skills, and related mindsets (also called Meta Skills).

The range of his experiences include being invited to a breakfast meet of world leaders with Obama at Washington DC.; being the faculty of a Harvard Business School Publishing certification program on Strategy & Innovation to senior I.T. professionals in India; teaching happiness to Dalai Lama monks in the Himalayas; being invited as visiting Professor at universities worldwide for shaping thousands of students into next-generation leaders; speaking on happiness to religious leaders at an inter-faith conference in California; and working with NGOs to develop self-esteem and empowerment skills in street children, orphans, the physically-challenged and senior citizens in India.

Avinash has done his graduate studies in Industrial Relations and post graduate studies in Organizational Behavior. He was mentored by Late Prof. Rooshikumar Pandya, a pioneer of the Human Resource Development movement in India, for 30 years. His early education also involved  being trained/certified by many leading experts/institutions including IIM Ahmedabad (Management), Richard Bandler (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Edward de Bono (Lateral Thinking), Al Ries (Marketing and Positioning), Dale Carnegie Inc (Public Speaking), Stephen Covey (Execution Excellence), Jack Canfield (Success Principles), Anthony Robbins (Peak Performance), John Maxwell (Leadership), Harada Sekkai Roshi ( Zen meditation), Anant Pai (Cartooning), Sensei Parvez Mistry ( Karate) and (with the blessings of) Smt. Annapoorna Devi (Hindustani Classical Music – Vocal).

Avinash’s teachings draw from a wide spectrum of spheres including time-tested eastern wisdom and the latest in western management thought.  Avinash's teachings are practical, easy to implement, inspirational and life-changing. His style of training is very unique. It is fun, experiential, engaging, dramatic, interactive, fast-paced, motivational and infused with humor. He seamlessly blends theoretical concepts, business strategies, relevant real-life examples and individual action plans. He works at both the mindset and skill-sets levels aligning organizational core values and vision to individual beliefs.

Using the latest in Neurosciences and Positive Psychology, in his training, Avinash programs the sub-conscious minds of the participants with key learnings and take-aways while simultaneously engaging their conscious minds through game-based learning and improvised theatrical presentations for maximum impact and retention in minimum time frames. This assures a high return on training investment.

Whether it is an internal strategy meet, a team-building off-site retreat, a business conference or an annual celebration event of over 5000 people, Avinash's ability to consistently 'WOW' his audiences and deliver tremendous value, makes him most sought after in the professional speaking industry.

Avinash also volunteers his time for community and national affairs. As part of his ongoing CSR activities, he trains gratis at several NGOs that work with orphanages, senior citizen homes, physically challenged individuals and street children.


He loves to travel and spends his free time meditating, reading, writing, cartooning and with his family.

Avinash Ananda believes that for true alchemical transformation to happen in an organization, all employees at all levels must be trained, from CEO to the sweeper. To actualize this ideal, he partners with and consults for organizations to invest in setting up a measurable training system to develop leaders at every level of the organization and develop trainers within the company to sustain the effort of creating a culture of excellence over time.






“Avinash Ananda has been the inspiration and key catalyst to our starting the Agna Leadership Academy which I believe,  is a tremendous long term return on investment for our organization. His contribution has been invaluable in the training of all our people. ”


Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, President, AGNA Group, Albania, Europe.

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