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Behavioural Transformation Coaching


Design your life


Meta Mind Alignment Coaching & Mentoring Programs are 'live', personal one-on-one, customized, need-based, focused and results-oriented transformational sessions with Meta Mind Master Coaches Avinash Ananda and Varsha Achelois.

Sometimes it takes a deep changing of beliefs over a period of time to effect a real change, and sometimes it doesn't take much to change. It just takes a little shift in insight, attitude or specialized knowledge which results in the taking of a decision and making of a commitment to get lasting results and create the desired transformation. In an informal conversational format, your Meta Mind Master Coach will listen to you, gently challenge you and support you in attaining the results you desire in your life, in the specific areas that are clearly defined, focused upon and worked on together.

Based on Meta Mind Alignment, the new science of leadership and happiness, the Meta Mind Alignment Coaching sessions draw from extensive research in maximizing human potential and optimizing holistic happiness. It is a powerful, intensive, reflective and interactive process designed to facilitate measurable and lasting transformational results to overcome behavioral challenges and impact growth.

One-on-One Conversations for Behavioral Transformation















Human beings have created the most technologically advanced and complex machines ever and usually with each machine comes an instruction manual ( and/or some type of training) for those who are to use it. However the most complex system ever, the human mind, does not come with any kind of instructional manual or training. The Meta Mind Mastery Program aims to bridge this gap.

The purpose of this program is to be able to create timely, need-based, sustainable, and positive mental, behavioral and structural changes for growth for you to be able to take charge of every aspect of your own personal and professional life ( physical, mental, emotional, financial and relationships) and experience happiness as a habit.

Life is dynamic and unique to each person living it. Similarly each individual's learning needs are dynamic and unique. They differ depending on the individual's goaIs/ life situation at the moment and his/her current competence and resources to effectively respond to/ achieve it. Just as working out at a gym with a personal trainer conditions your body for health and fitness, so also this Meta Mind Mastery program ensures the ongoing conditioning of your mind for designing your life (programming your inner world and structuring your outer world) to live life with more depth, fulfilment and happiness, on your own terms, even as they evolve. And just as your gym physical trainer would customize your fitness program depending your current fitness level and goals. 

The Meta Mind Mastery program is a comprehensive, committed, concentrated and customized personal coaching program that will hand-hold you through greater levels of personal and professional growth starting from an assessment of your current awareness IeveIs/ current needs, goals and challenges, going on to seamlessly, specifically, and relatively painlessly catalyze transformation where ever required.

The foundation of the Meta Mind Mastery Program is based on having a clear personal vision and developing self- awareness. Both are centrally concerned with the link between our thinking (mental models), feelings and the way these influence every behavior, decision and choice we make. Both emphasize self-control - taking responsibility for our own feelings, thoughts and responses — which includes mastering our negative emotions and limiting beliefs and controlling moods and impulses. This also means having a more positive outlook towards our self, others and life, as well as towards our past, present and future. Both involve being more resilient and focused. And finally, both involve empathy - being able to read and respond resonantly to the emotions of others and manage relationships in a better healthier manner.

Reinforcement of positive mindsets, alteration or replacement of ineffective mental models, and a sub-conscious programming/conscious learning of new values, attitudes, beliefs, skills, qualities and insights are all part of this intensive intricate process. . As a result, you will experience new possibilities for achieving greater results, finding more meaning and purpose, enjoying life more and thus living a more fulfilled life.



Any individual who has a current challenge in life, has a goal, or is looking for growth, and is open to different ways to see things, can benefit from a Meta Mind Alignment Coaching conversation. They must have an underlying belief that for things to change, they must change something themselves, and be open to a guided process to facilitate the same. This could include being open to Learning new techniques or skills,  Gaining new knowledge or perspectives, and Shifting old beliefs and attitudes

Individuals who would benefit most from these sessions include leaders, celebrities, business owners, educationists, trainers and any person with specific aspirations and/ or challenges.

In organizations, these interventions are ideal for top management executives, middle-management executives being groomed for senior positions, managers as coaches, and members of teams/ departments facing challenging situations, whether personal or professional.

At a corporate level, Alignment Coaching can also be embedded as a Mentoring System at every level of the organization where managers can be coached to be mentors for their teams, and the process can be monitored in a guided format designed to be aligned with the organization's culture, vision and learning & development needs.



  • Have a deeper insight into yourself and current patterns of your mental models and behaviors in different situations and learn how to change them at will to suit new or changing environments.

  • Become aware of the mindsets and skill sets for  complete personal and professional Alignment - centered Happiness, as revealed in the Meta Mind Alignment Leadership Competencies Framework and use it as a Self-Assessment Tool to identify those you may choose to work on for lasting positive change.

  • Be able to reduce the effects of dissonant emotions and disruptive thought patterns and deal more effectively with thoughts and feelings both yours and others'.

  • Know how to apply practical mood management and emotion management techniques to feel better, build better relationships and boost work performance.

  • Understand life better by expanding your perceptual capabilities and make better decisions.

  • Be able to cultivate a more emotionally resonant behavioral style.

  • Have a more positive outlook towards yourself, others and life situations.

  • Learn to respond positively and appropriately to challenging situations both at home and at work.

  • Feel better about yourself in the present, understand and accept your past, and have a greater clarity and confidence about your action plan for the future.

An opportunity of a lifetime,  to  invest  in  yourself, with the mentorship of Avinash Ananda, Leadership & Happiness Guru, "live" and "one-on-one", for you to

  • get direct feedback on your areas of growth

  • get greater clarity

  • enhance your competence

  • achieve desired change

  • get insights into life, happiness, success, leadership, business, relationships, selling and any other topic related to enriching your life

  • identify and enable specific mindset shifts needed to impact desired change

  • identify and develop the required behavioral skills and techniques useful for achieving next-level growth 

  • get insights to help solve your challenges whether emotional, social, financial, professional or spiritual

“Meta Mind Mastery is the art of being a master of your inner world and outer world and harmonizing both according to reality based principles to live a deeper, more meaningful, complete and fulfilling life. It is the moment-to-moment awareness, acceptance and alignment of the only six things that you have    control over: your desires, your feelings, your thoughts, your words, your actions and your awareness. Your attention,  intentions,  interpretations,  decisions  and  responses  to  your  life  experiences  determine  the quality of your life… Meta Mind Mastery is a way to design your life, on your terms, so that you habitually experience Alignment-centered Happiness.”

- Avinash Ananda, Leadership & Happiness Guru




This is a stand-alone one to two-hour coaching session as a specific need-based conversation. Self Mastery sessions are ideal when there is a specific behavioral change required or challenge that needs to be addressed. The number of Self Mastery sessions needed for your specific challenge or change can be assessed by your Meta Mind Master Coach after your first session.


This is a package program where each mentoring cycle consists of 3 Self Mastery sessions of 2 hours each. The gap between any two sessions ideally should not exceed one month. A Meta Mind Mastery program is ideal when the challenge being faced requires a longer duration to solve or the behavioral change needs a longer duration to be in effect. It is also ideal for growth oriented individuals, who want regular feedback, support and mentorship  during the journey of  achievement of their personal and professional.  One year of mentoring would consist of 4 Meta Mind Mastery cycles, if they do one session per month. Practical and relevant Assignments are given in between sessions and Measurement and Assessment of results is an integral part of each mentoring cycle.



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