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Empower yourself to be the Best. with the Best.
A series of online international certification programs based on Meta Mind Alignment

Are you prepared for your Next Level?


You cannot be ready for a transformed world without undergoing transformation yourself.


Knowing how to be prepared for the next level of Leadership, Excellence, Success, and Happiness is vital in today's uncertain world.


Most people today are not entirely ready for the dynamic changes this world is going through, and with so much information available, are largely confused as to what really works, what to believe, where are we headed and what to do next.


Even those who are already leaders or have experienced advanced levels of excellence and success or those who believe they are internally happy with their current lives, they all want more security and peace and understanding and growth and joy. They want to know how to sustain and protect what they have and also how to grow to their Next Level in this volatile new ever-changing world.


Avinash Ananda, international leadership and happiness guru for over 30 years, redefines leadership, excellence, success, and happiness in a completely new light; gives a deeper understanding through simple insights and ideas; and shows proven immediately usable techniques and steps to overcome challenges and achieve goals in one's personal and professional life at a higher level of confidence, competence, and clarity.


All these teachings are based on Meta Mind Alignment, a new scientific system for human potential optimization based on the best of the proven meditative practices and philosophies and timeless wisdom of the East and the latest in management principles, neurosciences, and positive psychology of the West.


Choose one or more of these international certification online courses or choose the entire package to transform your perspective, maximize your learning, and optimize your potential. Be Ready for Your Next Level! Like Never Before.


A New World needs a New Evolved Mind! A Meta Mind!

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₹10,000   ₹5,000   or   €130   €65

₹10,000   ₹5,000   or   €130   €65

₹10,000   ₹5,000   or   €130   €65

₹10,000   ₹5,000   or   €130   €65

₹40,000   ₹15,000   or   €520   €195

All online European international certification programs Are video recordings of live sessions conducted by

Avinash ananda



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