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Keynote Motivational Speeches

Inject new vitality into your organizational culture with a powerful  keynote speech  by

Avinash Ananda

International meetings planners have consistently relied on Avinash Ananda to ignite a spark of inspiration as their headlining keynote speaker.


When they hire Avinash for their stage, they get the confidence that they've got one of the most sought-after keynote speakers, typically rated, "The Highlight of the Conference," with a proven track record of enthralling audiences. 


They enjoy the benefits of a friendly, world-renowned speaker who creates high motivational impact with his unique, improvised theatrical style, humor, conversational & interactive presentation, customized relevant & thought-provoking content and fast-paced, dynamic & fun sessions.

Avinash Ananda's key-note addresses are usually offered as motivational events and out-bound experiential training sessions ideal for conferences, sales/ budget meets, brand- building activities, client gatherings & team-building retreats. A one hour keynote address (which could be extended up to a four hours session if required) would be motivational, educational and entertaining.



- World's #1 Leadership & Happiness Coach

- Global Happiness Leader 

- Inspirational Leader of India

- World's Leading Behavioral Expert & Motivational Speaker 

The content is innovative, fresh, research-based, and touches upon a wide range of behavioral aspects with real- life examples, anecdotes and short stories that appeal to both the head and the heart for inspiring transformation.


Avinash Ananda talks on a variety of topics that cover the entire spectrum of human experience for personal and professional development, including the training topics that are part of the 'iL.E.A.D. : Meta Mind Leadership Development Program'. The content, however, can be customized to cater to the context and audience as needed.

At the end of the session, the participants are energized, empowered, and aligned... with simple & immediately usable inputs, a clear direction and memorable take-aways.

"I have had the opportunity to work with Avinash for a long period of time (since 2004). He conducted Motivational seminars for our BPO. His ability to analyse and solve the most complicated issue and make it look simple is amazing.”

-Subhash Chand Sankhla, Industrialist, Business Owner, Sankhla Industries,

Bangalore, India

Popular Keynote Sessions

 Adapted from the Meta Mind iL.E.A.D. Programs

Empower . Energize . Engage

Inspire . Influence . Impact

Attitudes . Skills . Knowledge

“An erudite speaker, Avinash's presentation is as entertaining as a blockbuster film and as gripping as a television serial.”

-Raghavender Odeyar,

Freelance Journalist,

Mumbai, India

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