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A Leader / coach / Trainer certification program for change catalysts and influencers

Based on the international framework of Meta Mind Alignment™ and the unique training methodology A.C.T.S- Alignment Coaching Transformation System™




Purpose of the program

The Meta Mind Coach Certification Program is an ideal Coaching-the-Coach Program to empower and train individuals with the requisite meta mind mindsets, skill-sets and tool-sets required  to become a life coach.


‘Coaching’ is a fast-growing industry and thus a preferred career choice for experienced teachers, managers, subject-matter experts, ex-service men from the Armed Forces, management consultants and even freshers with a desire to make a positive difference in the world. Organizations and Institutions are constantly looking for powerful, transformational Coaches.


For experienced coaches, the Meta Mind Coach Certification Program offers a much-needed power boost to their careers by helping them refine their skill with latest techniques in the coaching field and gain a reputed international certification based on the acclaimed behavioral science of Meta Mind Alignment.


For freshers, the Meta Mind Coach Certification Program will equip them with the requisite knowledge, skill sets and mindsets for entering the coaching field with ease and grow into being a successful coach in the shortest possible time.


As a good coach also needs to learn to be an excellent transformational leader, this the Meta Mind Coach Certification Program, helps the participants to work on their mindsets and skill sets to be able to impact their coachees and inspire long-term transformation.


In this extensive and intensive program, we also provide the participants  with tools and techniques to help facilitate coaching sessions effectively, efficiently and with ease, clarity and confidence.



Life Coaching is a process of facilitating positive mindset and behavioral transformation of a client with a trained coach through one on one deep, supportive conversations.


Life Coaching helps people tap into their potential, unlocking sources of creativity and productivity. As a professional coach, you will have an opportunity to create positive change and achieve extraordinary results with your clients. For many, coaching is a life-changing experience that dramatically improves their outlook on work and life while improving leadership skills.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The results can be life changing. Clients often say they’ve created a new outlook on life – finding inspiration, courage, confidence, and answers to long-burning questions within themselves.

WHY would you need coach-the-coach sessions?


Coaches who take themselves and their profession seriously, are constantly reflecting about how to optimize their coaching skills.  You may need support to grow in specific competencies such as:

  • deep questioning skills,

  • direct communication such as confrontation, mirroring, giving back your impressions in a coaching style,

  • probing in depth for limiting beliefs,

  • applying specific tools,

  • regulating own emotions and boundaries,

  • being “present” during emotional moments,

  • deep self-reflection,

  • a self-confidence boost after a few difficult sessions.


Meta Mind Coaching is based on Meta Mind Alignment, the new science of Leadership and Happiness and is focused on providing researched and proven tools to help clients Lead every area of their life with Happiness.
Meta Mind Coaching will help you develop your skills and have access to Avinash Ananda’s proprietary and proven strategies!
This is what sets apart a superior Meta Mind Life Coach from other coaching professionals.
Be a leader of your own mind, before you can guide your clients to leading theirs
– Avinash Ananda
In this intensive program, you start out on a deeply personal journey from first mastering your own thinking, feelings, behaviors and making a difference in your own life to developing the skills and confidence to help your clients create lasting and meaningful change and grow into your full potential as a successful coach.
Your learn the total immersion philosophy, and learn to coupling coaching with live events and triggers from the live events, is also a significant differentiator.
Meta Mind Coaches are skilled, trained listeners. You will learn how to look for patterns in your client’s behaviors and help them make mindset shifts and optimize their life, step by step, over time.
You will learn Meta Mind Coaching Techniques to ensure that each coaching experience is completely personal and adapted to meet and exceed their client’s specific needs. 

participant :KEY BENEFITS 

  • Learn the tools and techniques to be a successful Master Life Coach.

  • Conduct powerful life coaching sessions that get results.

  • Learn the art of better communication, establishing rapport and asking effective questions.

  • Identify the best approach to a stressful situation (Alter, Avoid, or Accept) and other ways of effectively managing stress.

  • Learn how to Remove Limiting Beliefs for yourself and your clients, that have unconsciously self-sabotaged success.

  • Remove Negative Emotions including, guilt, shame, sadness, anger and fear, that have prevented you and your client from achieving desired outcomes in all spheres of life, be they personal or professional.

  • Learn how to be assertive and get what you want out of life.

  • Determine ways of managing and coping with anxiety and recognizing triggers.

  • Identify barriers to communication and how to overcome them.

  • Discover how to cultivate genuine positive emotions.

  • Establish  and maintain rapport using Meta Mind techniques and use empathic communication to get the most from your encounters.

  • Learn how to write a business plan and effectively market your business.

No other coach training program prepares you for real-world coaching better than the Meta Mind Alignment Certified Coach Program.

Avinash Ananda’s
Meta Mind Life Coach Certification Program
is unlike any other life coach certification program in the world. Our coaches are selected and trained in the strategies for success practiced by Avinash Ananda himself!
They undergo life transformation themselves and are trained to create the same positive and lasting effects for their clients.

ONLY after more than 100 hours of face-to-face and virtual training completed, DO THE most effective coaches go on to become Meta Mind Life Coaches

This intense training and selection process is part of what makes us one of the best life coaching programs that exist.



Your coachees don’t need to be unhappy or be facing major problems or setbacks to benefit from a life coach. All they need is a desire for more in their life. The best life coaching programs can help clients to reach the next level – in relationships, in their career and in their personal goals. It’s about helping them face their fears, identifying their limiting beliefs and transforming their mindset. It’s about gently but clearly showing them how to jump at every opportunity rather than holding themselves back. Meta Mind coaching can help your clients create strategies that work for them, change their mindset and change their life.


As a Meta Mind Life Coach, you will be able to help your clients

  • Develop and maintain a positive attitude

  • Build emotional resilience and strength

  • Take responsibility to enhance their resourcefulness to handle life’s challenges

  • Learn how to goal set, manage time effectively, overcome procrastination and set SMARTEST goals.

  • Utilize methodologies for understanding and enhance their self worth -- including the use of positive self-talk.

  • Develop patterns to overcome their disempowering beliefs

  • Reinforce positive patterns and help them to make lasting behavioral changes

  • Create mindset shifts

  • Create clarity from confusion and ambiguity

  • Feel better about themselves

  • Learn and use powerful tools and techniques to achieve break-throughs on their own

Paricipant Profile



  • We recommend organizing this program for trainers, executive coaches, psychologists, senior management executives, educationists and others in a position to positively influence behavioral transformation.

  • This can be conducted as a one-to-one mentoring experience or small-group workshop either through live face-to-face sessions or virtually .



This is a one year program and includes 12 sessions of 3 hours duration per session (one session per month) with time given for structured action-learning (with project work, assignments and reflective studies) in between sessions. It could also be done as a 6 days (6 hours per day) immersive experience.

This part time autonomous program is for 1 year in duration with a total of 100 hours of total time commitment. Please note that a FAST-TRACK OPTION (6 months) is also available on request upon certain eligibility criteria.

60 hours Interactive &  ILT Sessions :

  • Total number of Classroom Sessions: 12

  • Each Session Duration: 3 hours.

  • 12 hours of Internship (4 X 3 hour Sessions )

  • A 6 - hour Internship Project Presentation & Dissertation submission

  • 6 Hours Assessments : 2 x 3 Mid-term Assignment Assessment and Final Examination

A minimum of 40 hours of Self-work will be the time commitment of each student :

  • Assignments : 4 hours per Assignment X 5 Assignments  

  • 4 Case Studies: 5 hours per Case Study X 4 Case Sudies



The main requirement to participant to the Certified Coach Program is your motivation and willingness to become the best version of yourself as coach. 

Besides the training moments, there will be self-reflection, peer groups, and practice, practice, practice.

The program will provide you with knowledge, insights, tools and many learning experiences. Coaching is learned by doing.

During the program you might be challenged to review old habits. We will invite you to go through a personal change process, expanding your leadership and communication styles. The essential role of a coach is being a ‘change agent’.  By consciously experiencing the change process yourself, you will become a better coach.

You will be supported consistently by many constructive feedback moments for you to grow into your best version of yourself as a coach.



  • Comprehensive Content

Each module has been carefully designed to ensure a thorough understanding of the concepts in theory and practice. Scope is provided for additional Research that allows the participant to gain a varied depth of knowledge depending on individual requirements.

  • Self-Paced Learning

Intensive Project Work is given to incorporate implementation of learning in real life. The projects can be completed at your own pace within the stipulated time frame.

  • Continuous Learning & Revision

All Questionnaires and Profile Feedback/Reports are stored for a stipulated period for secure access at any time for revision and self assessment.

  • Project work

All students are expected to put in at least 100 hours of their time into submission of their assignments, project work and dissertations, exclusive of presentation time.

  • Final Examination and Certification

The Final Examination Certificate is provided to the participants by GAMMA based on their assessments, internship project work and final examination test results.

  • Feedback & Confidentiality

Questionnaires and Profile Feedback are provided to assist with your own personal development and growth. Confidentiality of feedback is ensured.


The GAMMA Certificate Courses / Post Graduate Courses of study are modular, consisting of self-contained units assessed on a modular basis.


The GAMMA Interactive Modules contain –


  • Textual Knowledge

  • Self Assessment Tools

  • Meta Mind Techniques & Tools

  • Evaluations and Tests

  • Intensive Exercises

  • Case Studies & Research

  • Book Reviews / Movie Reviews

  • Project Work


  • As a mandatory requirement for completion of the course the Assignments, Projects and Dissertations will need to be submitted by the participants.

  • Completion of the required minimum hours of Internship in any organization/ institution/ group organized by them is mandatory.

  • Participants are assessed on the basis of their submitted work as well as a Viva Voce.

  • The Certificate will be awarded to participants after completion of all submissions and assessments.

gamma learning model TO MAXIMISE LEARNING


through personal assessment, knowledge tests and book reviews


through simulations, case studies and workbook exercises



through individual and team projects and scheduled feedback work



through presentations, project work and assessments.

Course Specifications
Learning Methodology


Alignment Coaching Transformation System™ - A.C.T.S

This Certification Program is based on A.C.T.S.TM (Alignment Coaching Transformation System™), a holistic educational technology developed by GAMMA. The modules in this program are based on modern and up to date research in the fields of behavioral sciences, management theories, and the principles of both Pedagogy and Synergogy.


The combination of Behavioral Coaching, Self Paced Learning through Practice, Class room sessions, Online Interactive Studies and Project Work makes this a unique learning experience. Assignments, tests, dissertations and other training methods as enlisted below form an integral part of the course methodology.

  • A.C.T.S. uses the specific methodologies best suited to achieve related pre-defined training goals.

  • A.C.T.S. results in clear take-aways, insights & desired behavioral changes.

  • A.C.T.S. operates at both conscious and subconscious levels of learning.

  • A.C.T.S.  focuses on creating shifts in mindsets to enhance effectiveness in learning of skill sets.


A.C.T.S.™ is a unique multi-dimensional, multi- sensory, interdisciplinary methodology that synergizes basic training methods like –​

  • Audio-visual Lectures

  • Creative Games

  • Discovery Learning

  • Case Studies

  • Indoor/ outdoor activities

  • Self Assessments

  • Psychological Testing Tools

  • Action Learning

  • Synergogy

  • Discussions

  • Adventure Learning

  • Brainstorming

  • Role Playing

  • Dyadic Exchanges

  • Video Based Training

  • Online Learning

and more unique experiential systems for greater learning and deeper impact in shorter time frames.

These include –

  • Meta Mind Power Techniques™

  • Meta Mind Reflective Learning™

  • Meta Mind Integrated Fine Arts™

  • Meta Mind Assessments™

  • Improv Theatrics™

  • Pyro Training™

  • Meta Mind ‘Entrainment’™

  • Meta Mind Meditation™

  • Meta Mind Experiential Learning™

  • Meta Mind Subconscious Conditioning™

Join Avinash Ananda's 
International COACH Certification Program! Be a World Class META MIND LIFE COACH!

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