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Based on Meta Mind Alignment





Purpose of the program

Motivational Speaking is a fast-growing, multi-billion-dollar industry that is acknowledged as a top leadership skill and even a preferred career choice for many. When you stand on a stage and speak well, you can make magic happen. This hands-on program will help you build the self-confidence and specialized skills for having a powerful stage and screen presence, to connect and engage with your audience, to hold their focus for extended periods of time, and gently, yet powerfully, influence them as you wish, with the perfect blend of structure and spontaneity.

The Meta Mind Motivational Speaker International Certification Program is an ideal intensive and practical workshop to empower you to learn and practice the mindsets and skill-sets of world-class Motivational Speakers in varied media both IRL and digital. The ‘new normal' will present you with even more opportunities to speak to diverse audiences of varying sizes either in meetings, on a stage, or through a digital platform. It is important to learn how to capture the attention of your audience and influence them with clarity, poise, and impact. 

This is the ideal program for individuals seeking to become world-class powerful Motivational Speakers, or for those looking at enhancing their presentation skills or even for those with a desire to communicate their ideas more effectively to the world. No matter what profession or career path you are on, your ability to captivate and command your audience can help you succeed and influence people better.

"The main difference between a good communicator and an ineffective one is that a good communicator has an insight into the effect and impact of his communication on his audience."


- Avinash Ananda

Unique Features


Limited Opportunity

After more than 30 years of positively mesmerizing half a million people globally IRL through events and seminars, this is the first time Avinash is conducting an up-close and in-person “live online workshop” on Motivational Speaking with a small focused limited group of participants to polish YOU to shine as a Super-Star on stage and on camera. His personal presence and mentoring is an invaluable transformational opportunity.

Research-based Methodology​

Unlike other coaching programs, which focus only on public speaking or presentation skills, Avinash has created his own unique proprietary presentation methodology called Improv Theatrics™, which is based on the applied behavioral science of Meta Mind Alignment, the new science of happiness and leadership. Improv Theatrics™ is a proven system of delivery that brings presentations to life by blending storytelling, theatrics, hypnosis, humor, real-life examples, and clear, relevant, and memorable take-aways.


Education, entertainment, motivation, and persuasion come together in this unique delivery style which draws from the latest in neurosciences, behavioral economics, and positive psychology blended with time-tested meditative practices. 


World-Class Results

The detailed, intensive and practical training modules help you to learn the Meta Mind Way of presentation and empower you with the knowledge of the requisite mind-sets, techniques, and skills that you can practice to become a world-class, powerful presenter and Motivational Speaker.

You will be shown how to ‘wow’ diverse audiences at both conscious and subconscious levels for maximum impact, clarity, retention of messages, and a powerful brand experience where YOU, as the speaker, are the BRAND.

​Customized Focus

Avinash will share his core principles and skills with you, while also giving you personalized and customized feedback and attention to allow your own unique style as a speaker to emerge.

The program is designed to give you tremendous value through interactive video sessions on Instagram Live, practice assignments, group and one-on-one interaction on WhatsApp, and personalized feedback from Avinash and your peers.

Paricipant Profile



  • Are you one of those people who wants to speak more effectively, inspire & influence people better, and transform lives? If your answer is ‘yes’, then this program is for you.

  • Are you one of those people for whom speaking and influencing others helps you make a living? If your answer is ‘yes’, then this program is for you.

  • Existing Motivational Speakers wanting to hone their techniques and skills.

  • Experienced trainers and coaches or those who want to become world-class speakers.

  • Business owners, CEO’s, leaders, teachers, educationists, subject-matter experts, management consultants, middle and senior-level managers, team leaders, and ex-servicemen from the Armed Forces looking at enhancing their presentation skills.

  • Freshers with a desire to make a positive difference in the world by becoming motivational speakers.


Good speaking skills can distinguish you from the rest who lack the entire tool kit – the ability, knowledge, techniques, right mind-sets, and skill-sets, to impact an audience. Speaking can help you influence people and help you succeed. When you equip yourself with all that is taught in this course, you can not only transform your life but also inspire long-term transformation in others.


  • Experienced speakers - The Meta Mind Motivational Speaker Certification Program will give a much-needed power boost to your career by helping you refine your public and motivational speaking talent, mind-sets and skills with the latest Meta Mind techniques even without the use of PowerPoint presentations and other visual aids. It will enable you to become an even more powerful brand and influence and captivate your audiences better and leave them wanting to experience your magic again!

  • Leaders - The Meta Mind Motivational Speaker Certification Program will help you hone your skills to communicate with and influence your teams, organization, partners, and clients more effectively. You will learn Next-Level ways to present yourself and your messages with clarity and high energy to impact your audiences powerfully and inspire them to greater excellence. 

  • Freshers - The Meta Mind Motivational Speaker Certification Program will equip you with the requisite knowledge, mind-sets and skill-sets for entering the speaking field with ease, and grow into being a successful motivational speaker in the shortest possible time.





  • Delivering presentations with Persuasion, Impact, and Likeability

  • Developing superior Voice Modulation, Body Language, and Memory

  • Transmitting sustained Positive Energy for Inspiration and Motivation

  • Maintaining Engagement with a blend of Activities, Entertainment and Knowledge


Audience Interaction

  •  Applying the Art of Establishing Rapport and Maintaining Connect

  • Adapting the Content and Style to appeal to audiences of Different Types and Levels of Experience

  • Creating an Open, Interactive and Question-friendly Environment that has both Structure and Spontaneity

  • Prompting the audience to Think and Introspect with the Fine Art of Questioning

Delivery, Tools, and Techniques

  • Applying the Unique Presentation System of Improv Theatrics created by Avinash Ananda

  • Learning to use the Proprietory Meta Mind Tools and Techniques to be World-Class in Influence and Contribution

  • Communicating to create a multi-sensory (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile) experience



  • Ability to design and structure non-linear and spontaneous presentations. 

  • Having an overall structure, agenda, and Detailed Content with Clear, Relevant and Value-added  Take-aways.

  • Applying the Power of Crafted Scripts and Practice for Excellence and Maximum Impact in Minimum Time.


WOW Factor

  • Harnessing the art of story-telling

  • Using humor and other emotions to your advantage 

  • Delivering memorable quotable quotes

  • Improvising and Adapting when things don't go according to plan


Motivational speaker Testimonials

"Avinash Ananda is my Guru and mentor from whom I have learned a lot. He is the major inspiration behind my becoming a motivational speaker!

He also has been the inspiration and key catalyst to our starting the Agna Leadership Academy, the in-house learning center for my companies, which I believe, is a tremendous long term return on investment for our businesses."

Vasil Naçi

Vasil Naci, of Greek origin, is a philanthropist, author and very successful entrepreneur in Eastern Europe. He is now also a leading motivational speaker drawing audiences of over 2000 people.


"Only Information does not create Transformation. Information must be presented in a WAY that triggers Introspection, Interaction, Inspiration, Insights, Intention, and Implementation... All this creates the Transformation!"

- Avinash Ananda

Learn the meta mind WAY to Present with Influence and Impact! 


Join Avinash Ananda's International Motivational Speaker Certification Program! Be a World Class Speaker and Leader!

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